Freeman’s copycat products

Freeman was a longstanding retailer of Adolf’s. They are no longer ordering Adolf’s and falsely communicated to customers that we have stopped producing and were going out of business.  They have copied our alignment inserts design and are now manufacturing a copycat product. They are using Adolf’s brand, likeness and literature to lure customers to their copycat product in an attempt to boost their sales.  Freeman has been sent a demand letter outlining their violations of state and federal laws and demanding they immediately cease and desist from all violations of the rights of Midwest Pattern/Adolf’s Pattern Shop.

Adolf’s is still here, available, and ready to take your order.

We are relying on our customer base who will not be fooled by copycats and the resulting inflated prices if a monopoly occurs through Freeman’s heavy hand. We value providing original, tried and true products at affordable prices with great customer service.

Why is the old phone number still on Adolf’s parts?

Adolf’s Portland telephone number part markings of 503-253-0602 remains as it is not cost effective to modify the patterns to produce new molds to remove it and the telephone company indicated it would likely not be reassigned. We consider it nostalgia.
The new Minnesota location and telephone number is listed on the Contact Us page as follows:
Adolf’s Pattern Shop
24444 MN-Hwy 248
Minnesota City, MN 55959
Ph: 507-450-8258

What is the Additional Information tab about?

The Additional Information tab lists inflated dimensions and do not reflect the actual dimensions of the product.  This information is entered to allow room for shipping purposes.

Do I have to order direct online?

No. There are many companies that prefer to call in or email their purchase orders directly to carrie@foundrysupply.com. We have simply added eCommerce to the mix of options to better serve all customers.

Tax exempt purchases

Adolf’s products are designed for and used as an essential part of the integrated production process for industrial manufacturing. We will request a tax exempt form from your company once every 3 years.

Should you have a really cool project and a need for Adolf’s products but do not meet the tax exempt requirements, you will be billed for the appropriate sales tax.

Can I use my own shipping account?

Of Course, it will be better for both of us!  Simply include it in your PO and email it to carrie@foundrysupply.com

Note: Using your own shipping account is not an option through online shopping.

Do you provide customizations?

There are many products that can be customized to your needs. There are also some modifications that have already been requested and are now available. If you do not find what you are looking for, email Jason with information on what you need and your contact information to get back to you. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

While it may not be economical for you or Adolf’s to modify or make a new mold for all requests, we do take into account evolving technology & processes and multiple requests. In addition, there may be an alternative that could solve your need.