Monday, September 6, 2021

Adolf’s Pattern Shop and Midwest Pattern, Inc. will be closed to Celebrate & Enjoy.


Recognized nationwide on the first Friday of October, manufacturers open their doors to share with local communities and students the crucial role manufacturing serves in the economy — as well as the important and rewarding jobs it provides. As experts predict 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the U.S. in the next 10 years, it’s timely as ever to raise awareness on the vast opportunities available in a manufacturing career, and especially metalcasting!

From submarines to kitchenware to rocket ships, metal castings are everywhere under the sea, on land, and above us. The $44.3 billion industry supports nearly a half-million jobs in the country, with castings being used to produce 90% of all manufactured durable goods and machinery.  Celebrate a manufacturer near you!

“Home of the Perfect Match” has recently taken on a new meaning!

Adolf’s Pattern Shop was founded in 1969 by Adolf and Leonor Volkmann of Portland, OR. Adolf, a journeyman patternmaker, and Leonor an accountant, successfully developed and marketed products with the assistance of their family well in to their 80s when they began to search for a buyer to take over the global enterprise. Not finding a buyer by mid-2019, they notified their customers and started to liquidate their inventory. Being a long-term customer of Adolf’s and working with the foundry industry for over 30 years, Midwest Pattern, Inc. knew the impact of not having Adolf’s™ unique, superior products available for pattern makers and the metal-casting industry. After meeting and learning of each other’s backgrounds and dedication to the trade, an agreement was made with Midwest Pattern to purchase Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc. in its entirety and move it to SE Minnesota effective April 2, 2020.

The expanded business will complement each service sector with Midwest Pattern maintaining its service to the foundry industry and Adolf’s Pattern Shop continuing to provide patternmaking and metal-casting products via www.foundrysupply.com.

Jason Speltz, CEO and founder of Midwest Pattern, Inc. said, “Midwest Pattern’s operations and ties to Adolf’s™ products provides a growth opportunity, will sustain product availability for the patternmaking and metal-casting industries, and will complement each other during slow economic times. We are honored to carry on and expand their legacy.”

New Address & Contact Info:
24444 MN-Hwy 248
Minnesota City, MN 55959
carrie@foundrysupply.com for product inquiries and direct purchasing
jason@foundrysupply.com for technical specifications and product development inquiries
PH: 507-450-8258