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“Home of the Perfect Match” has recently taken on a new meaning!

Adolf’s Pattern Shop was founded in 1969 by Adolf and Leonor Volkmann of Portland, OR.  Adolf, a journeyman patternmaker, and Leonor an accountant, successfully developed and marketed products with the assistance of their family well in to their 80s when they began to search for a buyer to take over the global enterprise. Not finding a buyer by mid-2019, they notified their customers and started to liquidate their inventory. Being a long-term customer of Adolf’s and working with the foundry industry for over 30 years, Midwest Pattern, Inc. knew the impact of not having Adolf’s™ products available for pattern makers and the metal casting industry. They met, learned each other’s backgrounds, realized the mutual dedication to the trade, and an agreement was made with Midwest Pattern to purchase Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc. in its entirety and move it to Minnesota – effective April 2, 2020.

The expanded business will complement each service sector with Midwest Pattern maintaining its service to the foundry industry and Adolf’s Pattern Shop continuing to provide pattern making and metal casting products via

Jason Speltz, CEO and founder of Midwest Pattern, Inc. said, “Midwest Pattern’s operations and ties to Adolf’s™ products provides a growth opportunity, will sustain product availability for the pattern making and metal casting industries, and will complement each other during slow economic times. We are honored to carry on and expand their legacy.”

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Casting Innovations, July 2020 Modern Casting
Midwest Pattern Goes Green!

In 2018, Midwest Pattern invested in solar-produced electricity in hopes of offsetting the high electrical costs that the business generates. We worked with a local electrical engineer and installer, MinnSolar, LLC. Wanting the maximum energy production we could get, we purchased a total of 80 LG panels that deliver 400-watts of output each on an 1,800-square-foot rooftop. From a space consideration, it’s an efficient, minimalist system that works with just the roof panels and some monitoring and energy-conversion equipment affixed to an outside wall of the building – no interior equipment required and nothing to obstruct our view. The solar panels come with a tech feature that puts the product’s performance readings in the palm of our hand. An app called Solar Edge gives us real-time reporting on demand, displaying year-to-date production output as well as comparative data from the time they were installed. The app also shows a physical layout of the roof panels with numbers on 80 squares indicating the amount of wattage they’re producing. Blue coloring means they’re functioning properly but a black square would indicate a panel isn’t working and needs repair or replacement. We check the app every few weeks, mainly out of curiosity. As of January 12, 2023, the app indicates that since we started producing electricity, we’ve saved 241,617.1 lbs of CO2 emissions and our system has produced the equivalent of planting 1,826 trees.